Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Website features: Explained

Most good sites have defined features so it's easier for the reader to know what they're getting in to. I figured now would be a great time to define these, not only for myself, but for the other (and future) authors.

Anyway, here's a listing with descriptions of the features on FRAG'D:

Reviews: kinda self explainatory, but here are reviews of games we have fully played, and feel we have a good grasp on our overall opinion.

First Impressions: Basically, we just got a new game, but haven't played enough of it to do a review. This is what we think so far.

Replay: A Replay is a playthrough, then review of an old game. What defines old? Anything that's more than 2 years since release date.

Last Impressions: This is basically a rant. We've played a new game, and given it enough of a chance to get us hooked, but certain problems with it have caused us to no longer care to play it any longer. Because we have not fully played it, it does not get a review (from that author).

News: Any gaming news we find savory enough to share here.

General Banter: These are your everyday posts, where we just talk about our thoughts on games, life, monster trucks, ect.

I may add more features, by request of the other authors.