Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Review: Super Mario Galaxy

Well, I guess it is that time again. Nintendo released a new console and thus we have a new game featuring that fat Italian bastard Mario yet again. Now I love our mustachio hero as much as anyone so I gleefully picked up his new adventure in space.

The storyline is pretty much your usual stock Mario story. Mario is going to see Peach during the Star Festival, Bowser comes with some new weapon/power, takes Peach, wash, rinse, repeat. At this point in the franchise I would like to think we could have something a little better. I don't want much, just something a little better.

The graphics in SMG are about as high end as Wii can offer. Everything has a nice little glow to it and looks good. The environments all have their own look and feel. You can definitly tell that a lot of time and effort was put into the graphics to make it look good. I mean it's not indivual blades of grass like in every PS3 game, but they work well.

Mario comes to the Wii with some new tricks. You do all the usual Mario things with platforms and jumping but you also get some new tools as well. Pointing the Wiimote at the screen at certain planetoids will let you gravitate towards then. Spinning it lets you do a spin jump (duh?). You also get little star bits with the Wiimote and can hurle them at enemies. And you get in buddles at points and use the Wiimote to guide you. Overall funtastic.

Unfortunitly it suffers from a plague that platformers get: Collect X Amount Disease. In the game you need to collect X amount of Y to get to the next area and beat the game. This was fun...in 1996.

In the game you get 1ups and extra lives but they reset after you turn off the console. Why the hell do we need them in the first place? If you get a game over you just start back from the hub of the world anyway.

Also stupid racing parts in a platformer also piss me off. I hate these damn things so much. This was a contributing factoring in me not playing this game for a few days.

In Closing:
It's Mario on a Nintendo console, you will buy it and enjoy. Mario gives you some fun with your Wii and then you trade it in for store credit at Gamestop.

Rating: B