Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review: NHL 09

NHL 09 is FUCKIN' AWESOME DUDE, ok? If you're a hockey fan, get this game right now. I got it when it first came out, and I'm still playing it. HOLY SHIT! You realize how rare it is to play a game for a year and onwards? Talk about replayability, brahs! If you take 08 into the consideration, I've played this game for like 2 years or more.


Yeah, graphics to sports games isn't always the sha-bam-fa-bam (I just made that word up btw). It doesn't always make or break the game, but NHL 09 has FUCKIN' AWESOME DUDE graphics. Especially on on an HDTV that is 'bout Tree Fiddy in not just inches, but diameter too. Wait, wut? Yeah, this game's graphics are second to none. I remember this plumber dude came to my house and he was like "Holy shit I thought you were watching the actual Pens playing there for a moment" (serious.


This is what makes or breaks a sports game. No one gives a shit about graphics unless the gameplay is great (unless you're a FUCKIN' NEWB, in which case you need to STFU and GTFO). Well, guess what, NHL 09's gameplay is FUCKIN' AWESOME DUDE. No other game has gotten deking, skating, shooting, dangling, shoot outs, basically all aspects of the game as perfectly as NHL 09 has done. Sure, NHL 2k9 has a better fighting system, but fighting is pointless, amirit?


It's all about the triple g's, yo. The only gripe I have about this game is it is too addictive (wait, wut). Is that a bad thing? I guess so, because like maybe if other games didn't suck so much I'd consider stop playing NHL 09 to play other games. Again, wait, wut? I can't think of things wrong with the game. Omfg.

Last Word

NHL 09 owns. I could make a big long paragraph to say why yet again, but hey, I'm gonna go play the game right now so I can't.

Score: A