Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review: Metal Gear Solid 4


The most beautiful game I've ever seen. Once again, it may look a bit better on my TV (considering it's "bout tree fiddy" feet HD plasma blu-ray TV that shoots laser bolts out of its backside for voltage). Too bad anti-aliasing sucks on console HD games right now, otherwise it'd be perfect. The badass graphics made the cut scenes over nine thousand times more awesome as well.


Snake always owned, but now he owns even more. Also, remember when Raiden was a faggot? Well, they nerfed that, too. Now he's a fuckin' badass. He went from being Richard Simmons to Chuck Norris in just a couple of years. Probably was takin' dat dere cell tech. I won't reveal any of the plot because that'd spoil the game completely, but yeah, the aiming system is spot on, the stealth is spot on, and the boss fights are typical MGS boss fights. They're hard at first, but once you know what to do, you should be good to go.


The anti-aliasing flaw kinda sucks, but I got used to it. Maybe the game is a little short, wait, no, maybe I just beat it too fast and didn't have a life back in the summer. That's probably it. Also, they may have made Meryl too hot (is it sad to be somewhat attracted to billions of pixels on a monitor, yes it is, but oh well, no different than pr0n right?). I always imagined her as some stocky little ginger girl but then in MGS4 I was like fap fap fap (not really but still). I have a few other minor gripes as well but like I said before, revealing the plot is a no-no.

Last Words

Nothing will ever beat the original MGS. That game will always hold a special spot dear to my heart, but this one is at least the second best game ever made. If you like awesome games, get this one. Splinter Cell can gtfo by now btw, pretty sure Solid Snake has him beat. Anyways, this is the only game where the ending had me in tears. If you call me a pussy for that, then you're an asshole. I'd say why, but the whole plot issue will come up again.

Score: A