Friday, February 6, 2009

A time for introductions

Well, I've gone out on my quest to bring in more authors for this blog to give it a larger scope of perspectives, and I've managed to bring in two folks so far. I'll let them post their own introductions, but I'd like to announce the arrival of Metal Matt, and Jarrett Lady Killer from over at Metal Matt's Videodrome.

Matt is our resident Nintendo Wii expert, so he'll be bringing you the perspective of what's exciting from that side of the gaming divide.

Jarrett is one of the few people out there who happens to be rich enough to own a Sony PlayStation 3, so I'm sure that makes him an expert on it... maybe. Anyway, he'll be bringing in news and reviews for those games.

I haven't properly introduced myself, so I guess now is the time to do it. Hi. I'm Kory "RogueA" Atkins. I'll be your resident PC(though Matt and Jerrot will join me on this) and Xbox360 gamer. I'll be taking care of this side of the divide, especially from a PC standpoint, as that's where my loyalties primarily lie. A little about myself: I'm 18, coming on 19. I'm a computer science student at Penn State University. I like to blow shit up in videogames (and be all sneaky... while blowing shit up).

Favorite Genre of games: Shooters, and JRPGs. Yes, JRPGs. I love them, don't be hating.
Favorite game series: Unreal, I own every Unreal game several times over.
Currently playing: World of Warcraft(a little too much), Unreal Tournament 3, and Gears of War (because I cannot afford the second.)

Anyway, soon I'll be setting up the blog's format, modules, template, header, esc. Now is a great time for suggestions for modules for the site if you have any. If you do, please email them to